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How It Works

MJB Consultants can not only be of service in the initial Project Design phase, assisting in primary data collection, synthesizing and analyzing information with sufficient objectivity to support solid project decisions.

WASH project - Waslala, Nicaragua

Project Implementation & Monitoring MJB Consulting helps organizations succeed with projects, from design to implementation and monitoring progress to assessing final outcomes. Performance monitoring is built into the implementation of all projects to provide clients with the best possible results. Our project teams continually track performance to enable us to fine-tune the process or redirect efforts and resources as needed. Lessons learned can be applied immediately, as well as across sectors, to help ensure replicable and sustainable results. MJB Consulting is available at very short notice to provide Project Assessment and Evaluation at any point in a project’s life cycle in any country. With its expertise in Organizational Management and Strategic Design, where necessary, rapid assessments can be made and new, alternative and corrective plans of action implemented quickly and effectively.

project monitoring

Project Evaluation & Impact Assessment

The project evaluation and impact assessment process determines if target indicators are being met. MJB Consultants provides the expertise to comprehensively document the progress of any program and identify the contextual constraints and facilitating factors that have influenced the implementation and effectiveness of program activities. Statistical reports, monitoring of standard indicators, and impact evaluations are typical instruments used.

Services That We Provide

MJB professional staff have the technical expertise to review any and all documentation related to humanitarian and community development projects world-wide. We also have the capacity for rapid, very short term turn-around

Our goal is always:

  • To focus on the specific customer’s needs.
  • Deliver a quality product in a cost effective, timely manner.

MJB International Staff is experienced, ready and capable of traveling to any location at very short notice. We specialize in working in cross-cultural settings. Realizing that humanitarian projects are frequently located in remote and under-developed areas, staff are comfortable managing and operating with limited resources. Our sole objective is to provide our customers with the most pertinent, relevant, accurate and useful data and where required a formal statistical and systems analysis. We are ready to meet with:

  • Federal Government Officials, Ministers, Regional Department Heads
  • Local jurisdictions and municipalities
  • Tribal leaders and local chiefs

We will survey, interview and hold community meetings and focus groups with:

  • All the parties involved
  • All key personnel
  • NGOs, CSOs, Church authorities, religious leaders and any community organizations

Where required we can deliver reports at any frequency interval desired. All reports can be tailored to our customer’s needs and delivered in hard/soft copy or in electronic format.

By agreement, MJB staff will meet with and deliver presentations to:

  • Individuals
  • Small groups
  • Large groups

All presentations can take place:

  • Formally or informally
  • Privately
  • Or conducted in Face to Face sessions.

A final copy of any evaluation, review or report is delivered in hard copy with accompanying CD within the contractual time frame.

In the USA MJB Consultants are ready to meet your needs through personalized service from our inter-disciplinary team. For more than twenty-five years we have been offering strategic solutions to NGOs, CSO’s and Foundations, and are happy to help you solve issues relating to:

  • Board Development
  • Board Retreat & planning facilitation
  • Executive search & recruitment
  • Executive coaching & mentoring
  • Organizational analysis & restructuring
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Branding